David L Stewart

David L. Stewart passed away at the age of fifty-nine on June 4, 1998 after a long battle with diabetes. Dave was born in Buffalo, New York on March 19, 1939. In 1957, Dave joined the United States Air Force and was assigned to the SAGE Systems as an Early Warning Radar Technician and later worked in the Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratory in Boston, Massachusetts. In the years to follow, Dave worked as a Research Assistant on computer research for medical applications and headed up the Printed Circuit Department at the Computer Systems Laboratory of Washington University in St. Louis. He also worked in the Sensory Biophysics Lab for the University’s Medical School. After leaving Washington University, Dave entered the telecommunications industry in executive management positions.

Dave lived in Northern Virginia with his wife Sandy (Pizoni) and their daughter Tara. In Fairfax, VA, Dave served as Chairman of the Fairfax Council for the Arts and was a board member on the Fairfax Education Foundation, the Fairfax Symphony and the Chamber of Commerce.

Source: Family.

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