What is here

This is an introduction to the BCL-CSL site. The site is divided into six main sections:

Committees: The people who have volunteered to organize material for the celebration. This “Page” is divided into subcommittees such as Organizing, History

Photos: This is the place for photos. People who have registered will be able to upload and caption photos from past events within the labs.

Profiles: We urge everyone to post a brief description of their role at the labs, the period of time they were there, and any memories they would like to share.

Events: The event manager for the site. Here is the program here and forms for you to register for the reunion events.

Histories: Several people have asked to have the history of the labs added. We are adding original material describing the development of biomedical computing at Washington University, links to other websites where additional material can be viewed, a list of books that were written to describe the labs, and so on. We want more documentation that you can contribute.

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